Mary Queen of Angels is a very active Council. If you would like to volunteer to assist with any of the events listed below (or if you have an idea for an event) please contact us. It's such a wonderful feeling ... that feeling you get when you give back. 


​​​​​First Degree                                   Rectory Basement August 23 7:30 PM

Rosary                                             Every Monday Evening at 7:00 in the church

Meetings                                         2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7:30 in the rectory basement (only 2nd Wednesday in June and July)

Mary Queen of Angels Council 12384

Besides the above events there are somethings we do on a regular basis. 

Rose and Rosary Program. Help us celebrate the Choice of “LIFE”. 1st & 3rd Sundays at 1:15PM. Families of newly Baptized children are given a rose, rosary and certificate. Because the Baptism of a child is a family celebration, the rose and rosary are usually presented by brother knights and their wives. If you are interested in participating in this program please contact Ed Markowski 215.637.5446

Every Monday evening at 7:30 we lead St. Martha parishioners in the praying of the rosary. This is such a beautiful event.  If you are interested in participating in this wonderful prayer please show up and help us fill the church. If you'd like to help lead in the recitation of the rosary contact   Rich Konstance at 215.637.5834